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ArtSci Recognition Ceremony

Get ready for your ArtSci commencement ceremony.

Academic Calendar

Find dates for deadlines, holidays, and more.

Academic Honors

Learn how to earn Dean's List and College or Latin Honors.

Academic Integrity

Review WashU academic-integrity policies and procedures.

Alumni Staying Connected

AP, IB, & A-Level Exam Credit

Get credit for achievement on AP, IB, or A-Level exams.

Foreign Language & Calculus Back Credit

Get credit for foreign language or calculus proficiency.

Campus Bookstore

Visit the bookstore for textbooks, technology, and all things Bears.

Career & PostGraduate Advising

Prepare for a great summer experience and life-long career success.

Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Discover programs, resources, and events related to diversity.

Civic & Community Engagement

Understand, engage, and reflect with the Gephardt Institute.

College Courses Prior to WashU

Find out how to get credit for coursework in high school.

College Policies

Find general policy information for Arts & Sciences.

Course Listings

Find courses offered by semester.

Dean of the Day Schedule

Questions answered.

Disability Resources (DR)

Resource for students who have disabilities or suspected disabilities

Entrepreneurship Programs & Training

Get trained, connected, and funded with the Skandalaris Center.

First-Year Scholarships & Fellowships

During application, find funding sources matching your achievements.

Internship Credit

Unpaid internship? Get credit!

IQ Curriculum Plan

Plan and nominate your IQ Curriculum Plan with Plan-IT.

Request a Leave of Absence or Withdraw from WashU

​Learn steps for taking a leave or withdrawing from the University.

Library Services

Find the sources, people, spaces, and technology to accelerate your studies.

Major Declaration

Learn how to choose and declare a major.

Request A Medical Leave of Absence

Learn steps for taking a leave from the University for medical reasons.

National Scholarships & Fellowships

Discover nationally competitive programs.

Non-WashU Course Credit

Find out how to get credit for courses away from WashU.

Overseas Programs

Embark on your international journey!

Policy Exception Form

Request an exception to an ArtSci College policy.

PreGraduate School Advising

Create new knowledge through a master's or PhD program.

PreHealth Advising

Paging future doctors, nurses, vets, dentists and more, your advisor will see you now.

PreLaw Advising

Explore routes to law school and legal careers.

Registration 101

Start planning your fall semester courses at WashU today!

Registration Information for Transfer Students

Transferring to WashU in the fall? Learn all about registration.

Residential Life

Join the WashU community of residential life.

Return from a Leave of Absence

Find steps for returning from a leave (or medical leave) of absence.

Student Financial Services

Receive personalized, confidential assistance to make your dream a reality.

Student Health Services

Receive premiere, student-centered health and health promotion services.

The Bulletin

consult WashU's catalog of programs and degree requirements

The Learning Center

Receive support through academic mentoring


Current and former students can request transcripts online.

Transfer Into or Out of Arts & Sciences

For current students changing schools within WashU

Transfer to WashU

Interested in transferring to WashU? Start here.

TRIO Program

Undergraduate Advising

Discover, create, and reflect on your path with advisors.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Imagine the possibilities with an ArtSci degree.

Undergraduate Research

Create knowledge in any discipline with the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Welcome Incoming First-Year Students

Don't miss out on unique opportunities for first-year students.

Welcome to the College!

Learn about people and programs supporting the ArtSci experience.

Writing Center & Speaking Studio

Get support for writing and public speaking, from brainstorming to final draft and presentation.

WashU Fellowships

Apply for research and civic fellowships for junior and senior years.

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