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IQ Curriculum Plan

Achieve a breadth of learning across the disciplines

Chart your IQ Path with "Plan-IT"

The IQ Curriculum is the general distribution coursework that defines the common academic experience of all ArtSci students. 

Wonder if you're on track to complete IQ Curriculum requirements? Want to see which courses count for which requirements? To plan your own path for completing IQ Curriculum requirements, work with the online tool "Plan-IT," accessible through WebSTAC under Academics/A&S PlanIT.

For simple instructions for using PlanIT, see the following videos:

*Please note that the first video shows a former version of the home page for WebSTAC. Also, the the core requirement "Social Differentiation" that appears in the videos is now "Social Contrasts."

How to Create a New Plan

How to Track Progress Toward Core and Area Requirements

How to Plan for Remaining Core and Area Requirements

How to Plan the Integrations

How to Nominate a Plan

How to Edit a Current Plan