EPS southwest fieldtrip

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ARTS & SCIENCES brings together people who value discovery, engagement, and action. Tell us what you're curious about, and we'll help you make your mark:

From Earth and Planetary Sciences:  students learn about the structure and history of the Earth on a field trip to the Southwest.

19thC Japanese book

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We apply critical and creative thinking beyond the task at hand, testing new approaches to challenges facing our world. Tell us what you’re curious about, and we’ll help you make your mark:

From the Libraries: scholars examine the content and material construction of 19th-century Japanese Stab Stitch binding (Credit: J. Byard)

Clock tower on South 40

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We’re motivated by a desire to discover solutions to big problems. Tell us what you’re curious about, and we’ll help you make your mark:

From Campus: students cross the South 40 residential area on their way to class


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Jasmine Brown and Mimi Borders

Student Spotlight: Jasmine Brown and Mimi Borders

Jasmine Brown, a biology major, and Camille "Mimi" Borders, a history major, are Washington University's newest Rhodes Scholars. The Ervin Scholars and sorority sisters leaned on each other during the intense application process for Rhodes and now are best friends. Here, the two show off their British slang, scholarly research and reflect on what it means to be role models.

Robert Mark Morgan

Faculty Spotlight: Robert Mark Morgan

Set designer Robert Mark Morgan worried a bad review would tank his career. But he pushed forward, producing imaginative sets for theaters across America and earning rave reviews in the process. Today he creates sets for the Washington University Performing Arts Department and teaches the value of failure in his popular first-year seminar, “Designing Creativity.”

Alum Jason Green

Alumni Spotlight: Jason Green

Ervin Scholar and alum Jason Green, AB '03, who majored in political science and finance as an undergraduate, reflects on the influence of the program's founder, the late Dean McLeod, to his personal growth and commitment to public service. Green would later go on to work as associate counsel to President Barack Obama, whom he advised on legal, economic and domestic policy matters. Today, he is co-founder, senior vice president and general counsel of SkillSmart, a platform that connects job seekers with the right skill sets and experiences.

Faculty Spotlight: Arpita Bose

​Arpita Bose's lab studies microbial metabolisms and their influence on biogeochemical cycling using an interdisciplinary approach. She seeks to generate new ways of addressing issues such as the energy crisis, pollution, biofouling, and sustainability.


For the Arts & Sciences Community

A reminder that Chancellor-elect Andrew Martin is looking for input to help inform the strategic planning process that is getting underway this spring. In addition to small group conversations and formal meetings at the school and university levels, an online form is available where you can share your thoughts about the university’s short- and long-term priorities.

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University College is launching a mentorship program to support students working to earn degrees and certificates. The new Mentor Collective is an online program that matches students with University College alumni and others in the university community to help them achieve academic and personal goals.

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This spring WashU is conducting a survey for all undergraduate students. It’s called PULSE, short for Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experience. All degree-seeking undergraduates receive this online survey that takes about 15 minutes to complete. Students are encouraged to participate as data from the PULSE survey becomes a key tool for decision-making across campus for future development of the undergraduate experience.

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Reading revelation

Is there a difference between divine justice and divine retribution? Religious studies scholars Elaine Pagels and Laurie Maffly-Kipp discuss the Book of Revelation and how it has been interpreted across time, as well as the personal side of their writing and research.

Favorite moments from Commencement 2019

Every year, friends and family from around the globe convene in St. Louis to celebrate the immense achievement of those graduating with a degree from Washington University. Experience a few moments from the 2019 festivities.

Plants, humans, and climate change: A conversation with Dean Barbara Schaal

Barbara Schaal, dean of the faculty of Arts & Sciences and world-renowned evolutionary plant biologist, discusses the importance of basic research in a time of environmental change.