Photo of the interactive art installation 'Hostile Terrain 94.'

Expand Your World.

We apply critical and creative thinking beyond the task at hand, testing new approaches to challenges facing our world. Tell us what you’re curious about, and we’ll help you make your mark:

From the Field: The Argentine Patagonia provides spectacular views and opportunities for geological study.

The WashU Dance Collective premiered 'Supper' digitally on-demand this spring. The work was created to serve as a feast for the virtual senses.

Explore Your Creativity.

ARTS & SCIENCES brings together people who value discovery, engagement, and action. Tell us what you're curious about, and we'll help you make your mark:

From the Humanities Lecture Series: Scholars explore the theory of play and living playfully. 

Interior of Graham Chapel with students seated.

Find Your Community.

We’re motivated by a desire to discover solutions to big problems. Tell us what you’re curious about, and we’ll help you make your mark:

From Campus: Students enjoy a spring day and a moment between classees.


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Site of the new Arts & Sciences building.

A Transformative Decade: Convergence, Creativity, Community

We are finding new ways to tell our story and create a lasting impact on the world. Welcome to the decade of Arts & Sciences.
Aerial view of Brookings Hall on the Danforth Campus

Explore the College of Arts & Sciences

We know that breakthroughs—scientific or creative, academic or personal—happen when ideas collide. At the intersection of it all is the College of Arts & Sciences—a school with no limits on what you can study, learn, and achieve.

Student Spotlight: Community Engagement

Three recent Arts & Sciences graduates share their experiences with community-engaged courses at Washington University. The courses took students outside of the classroom to work directly on local environmental advocacy, women's health issues, and more.


For the Arts & Sciences Community

The university is tracking developments with COVID-19 and remains fully committed to the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.

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the ampersand

Stories Of Incredible People, Research, Learning, and Leadership Happening In Arts & Sciences

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Featured Podcast:

Climate literacy

In the first episode of “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” a podcast created by the Washington University Climate Change Program, student hosts Lara Briggs, Sejal Rajamani, and Julian McCall are joined by Cassie Power and Amanda Albert to discuss climate literacy.

Faculty Bookshelf

Faculty Bookshelf

Browse titles from Arts & Sciences faculty. Thoughtful. Diverse. Well researched. These books might just make it to your shelf, nightstand, or coffee table.

Graduate student Melissa Ritchey sifts sediment samples using a floatation technique

Return to the field

After two years of delays and restrictions due to the pandemic, graduate students are once again trekking to field sites around the world for their dissertation research. Archaeologists Bridget Bey and Melissa Ritchey share their projects and perspectives.

Twelve Arts & Sciences alumni earn Fulbright awards

Twelve Arts & Sciences alumni of Washington University in St. Louis earned Fulbright awards to travel abroad to conduct research or to teach English.