Black Anthology performance

the ampersand

Stories of Incredible People, Research, Learning, and Leadership Happening in Arts & Sciences

Chemistry Nobel Laureate Stoddart to give 2018 Weissman Lectures

Sniffing out error in detection dog data

‘The Curren(t)cy of Frankenstein’

Wingfield honored for promoting sociology

Noodling around

Making sense, pictures of medical data

Quick learners remember more over time

Meet Our New Faculty: Social Sciences

Preparing for the competition

Buera installed as Cook Professor

Sunsetting of PARC

Kaepernick, fans and the corporate megaphone

Adjaye to receive Washington University International Humanities Prize

Paul Tran wins Poetry Foundation award

Faster than we thought: sulfurization of organic material

Aquino to lead Washington University Symphony Orchestra

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The many lives of Michelangelo

Art historian William Wallace shares the story of how an extremely rare document discovered in WashU's own library provides a window into Michelangelo's life and art.

History on display: The Southwick Broadside

This Fourth of July, visitors to Washington University's Olin Library will have the chance to see a rare piece of history - an early copy of the Declaration of Independence known as the Southwick Broadside.

Saint Peter, according to Mark

The apostle Peter was a leader and role model in early Christianity - or was he? According to Lance Jenott, a lecturer of classics and religious studies, how we understand Peter depends on who is telling the story.

news and events from Arts & Sciences / WashU

Inside the Hotchner Festival: Lucas Marschke

Playwright Lucas Marschke with the cast of “Florida...

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Statistically sound

A National Science Foundation-funded workshop recently...

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Engines through the ages: Nobel laureate to deliver Weissman Lecture

Stoddart Nobel laureate Fraser Stoddart, the Board of...

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Making the Most of the New School Year

Alumna and Rhodes Scholar Mimi Borders (LA'18) shares her advice for #WashU22 on how to make the most out of their time in Arts & Sciences.

Geoff Childs discusses his research

Geoff Childs in the Department of Anthropology uses anthropological demography to explore what happens to a community when the majority of young people move out for education.

Mariel Ehrlich

Getting Lost—and Found—in Peru

Mariel Ehrlich, a junior who is double majoring in sociology and Latin American studies, talks about her time abroad in Lima, Peru and how studying Spanish has changed her perspective on what it means to be a global citizen.

The Monster of

Who is the real monster?

Two hundred years after its publication, “Frankenstein” remains a powerful metaphor for the dangers of science unchecked by social responsibility. Corinna Treitel discusses in this video “Frankenstein’s” continued power to challenge and inform.