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Reading revelation

Is there a difference between divine justice and divine retribution? Religious studies scholars Elaine Pagels and Laurie Maffly-Kipp discuss the Book of Revelation and how it has been interpreted across time, as well as the personal side of their writing and research.

How good is the US economy, really?

Ahead of the midterm elections, Steve Fazzari explores the current state of the economy and explains why widely cited unemployment and growth numbers don't give a full picture.

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Mosquitoes push northern limits with time-capsule eggs to survive winters

When the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) arrived in...

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Obituary: Keshav Sanghani, student in Arts & Sciences, 19

Keshav Sanghani, a rising sophomore in Arts & Sciences...

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Student speaker Chibueze Agwu’s address to the Class of 2023

Good evening to the distinguished Class of 2023, parents,...

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Geoff Childs discusses his research

Geoff Childs in the Department of Anthropology uses anthropological demography to explore what happens to a community when the majority of young people move out for education.

Mariel Ehrlich

Getting Lost—and Found—in Peru

Mariel Ehrlich, a junior who is double majoring in sociology and Latin American studies, talks about her time abroad in Lima, Peru and how studying Spanish has changed her perspective on what it means to be a global citizen.