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Dean's Community Response Award winners announced

Black Anthology unveils its Digital Museum

Science research roundup: November and December 2020

Center for the Humanities names 2021-22 Faculty Fellows

Celebrating our fall 2020 graduates

Remembering the forgotten war

Research in the time of COVID

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Natural Gas in the New Bolivia

Revisit this episode with anthropologist Bret Gustafson, who discusses the complicated relationship between energy, politics, the environment, and indigenous rights. Gustafson's book "Bolivia in the Age of Gas" is now available through Duke University Press.

Remembering Baghdad

In the mid-twentieth century, the thriving Jewish community in modern-day Baghdad quickly came to an end. Years later, those who experienced life in Baghdad - and also the children of those exiled - turned to literature to share their memories. Revisit this episode to discover ideas and stories from Nancy Berg's recently published book, "Since 1948: Israeli Literature in the Making."

Mud cores, rain gauges, and the hunt for climate data

Bronwen Konecky travels to tropical regions around the world gathering evidence of the geologic past. Using data from rain samples and sediment deep at the bottom of lakes, she is piecing together a story about Earth's climatic history – and what it can tell us about our planet's future.

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Browse titles from Arts & Sciences faculty. Thoughtful. Diverse. Well researched. These books might just make it to your shelf, nightstand, or coffee table.

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news and events from Arts & Sciences / WashU

Wet and wild: There’s lots of water in the world’s most explosive volcano

Time-lapse video of a Shiveluch volcano eruption (Video:...

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Lessons and cautions from 1965 to fight white supremacy

In his inauguration speech, President Joe Biden said his...

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The first 100 Biden/Harris days

Election Day turned into Election Week, then two months of...

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Writing the first draft of history

History major Gabriel Rubin, AB ’15, takes Wall Street Journal readers inside the Beltway as the new author of a storied political column.