Welcome, Class of 2022!

We're here to help you get started.

Welcome to Washington University in St. Louis and the College of Arts & Sciences! We are so excited to have you here. The College believes that a full life is an intellectual, moral, and creative endeavor of meaning and purpose and we are here to help you begin that journey. As you get ready to come to campus, here are some important choices to consider:

Designing Your Course Path for the First Year

Freshman Seminars & Special First-Year Programs

Open only to first-year students, these seminars and programs are small classes that allow you to work closely with a professor and your new classmates. Explore an area of potential interest or try something totally new—and they'll count toward your distribution requirements for the College’s IQ Curriculum.

More Information on First-Year Programs Applications

Register for Classes

There are so many great courses to choose from! Before you meet with your advisor, you can sign up for Freshman Seminars and Special First-Year Programs and begin to think about what classes you would like for the fall through Registration 101. The Arts & Sciences curriculum emphasizes breadth, flexibility, and individuality. Other than your first-year writing requirement, there are no classes you have to take. Explore!

Registration Options

Only One Required Class

All students in Arts & Sciences must fulfill the first-year writing requirement – but there are still options! The traditional path is College Writing 1, but two alternative classes are being offered this year: What is Justice? and Writing Identity. These are hybrid classes where all students attend a lecture followed by two small-group writing classes that probe deeper into lecture topics and develop writing skills. Students who have taken AP English Literature or Composition (or their IB equivalent) are especially encouraged to enroll. You may sign up for your writing course in addition to your choice of first-year programs or seminars.

Writing Options

Activate your WUSTL Key

You MUST have activated your WUSTL Key AND your @wustl.edu email to get started at WashU. An email was sent to you from registrarwustlkey@email.wustl.edu with instructions on how to activate your WUSTL Key. If you have not received this email please contact the University Registrar’s office at registrarwustlkey@email.wustl.edu or 314-935-5959.

Activate Today

First-Year Academic Programs

Now that you're a part of the Arts & Sciences community at Washington University, you have an array of special program options to enhance your first-year academic experience. These programs and seminar classes delve deeply into vexing questions in disciplines across Arts and Sciences and offer students a change to develop meaningful relationships with faculty and peers in their first year. While optional, first-year programs and seminars are strongly encouraged and are a great way to start exploring a major or to try something new and exciting as all of the courses fulfill distribution requirements.

More information about these programs will be coming soon! 


Garth Hallberg

I remember meeting with Naomi Lebowitz and Michael Sherberg. We talked about poetry, and I can recall Naomi waving her arms as we discussed Whitman. It was the high point of my intellectual life to that point . . . That feeling continued once I got here. I was suddenly surrounded by brilliant professors and smart, hardworking students who liked talking about big ideas. And because we weren’t on the East or West Coast, no one was too-cool-for-school or keeping score. Everyone just wanted to participate.

―Garth Risk Hallberg, LA'01Writer