Rowhea Elmesky

Associate Professor of Education
Rowhea Elmesky

Rowhea Elmesky is committed to conducting research on improving science teaching and learning for marginalized youth attending urban schools. Particularly, she focuses on developing integrated meso and micro level understandings regarding the ways in which resources and schema from social fields outside of the classroom shape the events that unfold as curriculum is enacted within the classroom.

Prior to arriving at Washington University, Rowhea completed a three year postdoctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania where she developed a research database of video, audio and written artifacts from inner city high school chemistry and physics classrooms and from longitudinal work with student and teacher researchers. Out of that database, along with Ken Tobin and Gale Seiler, Rowhea edited a book entitled, "Improving urban science education: New roles for teachers, students and researchers," which won the Choice Award for Outstanding Academic titles in 2006. Currently, she is interested in expanding her urban science education database through conducting research with youth who are attending schools located within East St. Louis.

In her time at Washington University, Rowhea has served as a Faculty Fellow and recently as the co-Principal Investigator for the St. Louis Center for Inquiry in Science Teaching and Learning (CISTL) - one of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Centers for Learning and Teaching (CLT) programs. She also serves as the Principal Investigator for an NSF funded CLT supplemental program, entitled: Synthesizing and Carrying Forward What We’ve Learned: Preparing Future Leaders with a Focus on Diversity and Equity in STEM Education.

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