Bear Beginnings

Summer engagement opportunities for Arts & Sciences students.

Webinars and Panels


Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising

Wednesday, June 24th

Join Carolyn Herman, Associate Dean and Director of Pre-Health Advising in the College of Arts & Sciences, for a brief overview of the Pre-Health curriculum, and a description of some features of Pre-Health advising.


Office of Undergraduate Research

Tuesday, June 30th

Join Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Research, Joy Z. Kiefer, for a panel discussion with current WashU undergraduate researchers. Learn everything you need to know in order to take advantage of the vast array of undergraduate research opportunities on our campus.


Pre-Law Roundtable

Tuesday, June 30th

Interested in a career in law? Join Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Career Services, Mark Smith, J.D. for a roundtable discussion with WashU alums currently studying at some of the top law schools in the country. 


The Art of Reading an Ancient Greek Vase

Wednesday, July 1st 

Join faculty from Washington University's Department of Classics in Arts & Sciences for an online conversation on key works from the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum’s collection of ancient Greek vases. The discussion will delve into how to make meaning of the featured iconography, forms, and style of these historical objects. “Reading” such vessels as the Nolan amphora by the Hermonax Painter and a Siana cup by the C Painter allows their rich content to come to life. By the end of the hour, we hope you will be inspired to enter into your own exploration of classical vase collections—at the Kemper Art Museum and beyond—with an eye attuned to myth, history, and beauty.

Panelists Timothy J. Moore, John and Penelope Biggs Distinguished Professor of Classics, and Susan Rotroff, Jarvis Thurston and Mona Van Duyn Professor Emerita, will be joined by moderator Grizelda (Zellie) McClelland, assistant dean in the College of Arts & Sciences and lecturer in the Department of Classics. 


The Arts & Sciences of Career Preparation: How ArtSci Students Prepare for Purposeful Work 

Tuesday, July 7th 

Join an ArtSci Dean, Career Center Adviser, and young alums to learn about the ArtSci model of career preparation and resources and opportunities for discerning and preparing for a meaningful career. You'll discover why 94% of reporting ArtSci graduates have landed opportunities within 6 months of graduation.  


Design Creativity: Innovation Across Disciplines - a first-year only course in Design Thinking & Collaboration

Wednesday, July 8th 

Join Professors Bruce Lindsey (Architecture) and Robert Mark Morgan (Performing Arts - Design) for an interactive online session that offers an overview of the Designing Creativity course offered this Fall at WashU that explores the study and practice of the creative process across multiple disciplines and delves into topics related to failure, idea-making, empathy, play, design, and more. This online session will offer a great overview of the course with interactive and engaging activities and an opportunity to ask questions about the course. Join us! 


Study Abroad/Overseas Programs

Thursday, July 9th 

Led by Dr. Amy Suelzer, Director of Overseas Programs and study abroad alumni, this webinar will introduce you to the opportunities available through the Office of Overseas Programs. Regardless of your major, there is an experience abroad that supports your progress towards your degree and provides an international dimension to your academic interests and your life. 


Black Studies, Black Lives

Monday, July 13th

Join faculty for Washington University’s African & African American Studies in Arts & Sciences for an online conversation about global Black movements for social justice. How do we understand current global protests historically (Africa, Latin America, Europe)?  What influential thinkers and activists are often quoted, what did they really say, and how did they inspire such movements? How do artists imitate life or inspire a movement for change? How do scholars who study African & African American Studies provide context to understand this moment?

Moderator: Wilmetta Diallo

Panelists:  Monique Bedasse (Associate Professor of African & African American Studies and History - Caribbean/East Africa); El Hadji Samba Diallo (Senior Lecturer in African & African American Studies – Francophone Africa); Karma Frierson (Assistant Professor of African & African American Studies – Latin America); Lerone Martin (Associate Professor of African & African American Studies and the Danforth Center for Religion and Politics, United States)


3-2 Programs

Wednesday, July 15th

Join Sarah Birch and Kathy Kniepmann to learn more about 3-2 programs in Occupational Therapy, Social Work, and Public Health. 

The occupational therapy program integrates life science, social science, advocacy and policy to help people of all ages live life to the fullest with physical, psychological or cognitive differences. Juniors who are accepted can finish their undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in five years or take one more semester of coursework and do a capstone project to earn a doctoral degree in OT. 

The Brown School is dedicated to preparing future social work and public health leaders in areas of policy, practice and research. Their 3-2 programs allow students to earn both an undergraduate degree and a Master of Social Work or a Master of Public Health in a total of five years.