First-year Programs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these courses fit in with the rest of my schedule?

A First-Year Program will usually be only 1 (maybe 2) courses out of the 4 or 5 classes you take in your fall semester. All academic interests and programs can be accommodated. Bring specific scheduling questions to your four-year advisor.

Can I be pre-med and participate in one of these programs?


Can I participate in an Ampersand Program and take a First-Year Seminar?

You can only sign up for one program in the early sign up period. If there are still spots in the other class you are interested in when you register, you are welcome to sign up for it.

I want to apply for a First-Year Program. How do I sign up?

You apply for First-Year Programs by going to the First-Year Programs homepage: There will be a link to the application webform; a statement of interest (no more than 500 words) is required when you submit your application online.

How are the decisions made?

Ampersand Programs have a short application. For these programs, faculty select from all applicants and may weigh both when you apply and student demographics to make sure the groups are diverse based on academic interests, gender, and geographic origin.

First Year Seminars, Beyond Boundaries and First year Opportunity classes are all enrolled first-come first-served. When you sign-up you will be asked to rank your program choices.

If I am on the wait list, what does that mean?

If we are unable to place you into any of your choices, you are placed on the wait list for your first choice. The waiting list is NOT ranked. If a space opens up, we look at the entire wait list and select another student.

Do these classes fulfill general education requirements?

Yes. All classes in these programs fulfill a general education (distribution) requirement.

If a program is more than a year, am I bound to participate after my first year?

No. If your interests or plans change, you need not continue the program.

I am interested in several programs. Are certain programs more beneficial than others?

No. You should choose the program that most appeals to you. You will need to rank the programs when you apply.

If I don’t get into a First-Year Program this year, can I participate next year?

No. These programs are available to incoming first-year students only.

When will I know if I am in a First-Year Program?

You will be notified by mid-June.

I’m in class/busy when the application opens – what should I do?

Put in your application as soon as you can–most programs still have spaces at the end of the first day.