Sukkoo Kim

Sukkoo Kim

Associate Professor of Economics
research interests:
  • Economic History
  • Urban and Regional Economics
  • Trade and Development

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  • Department of Economics
    MSC 1088‐137‐138
    Washington University in St. Louis
    One Brookings Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

​Sukkoo Kim's research and teaching focus on American economic history, as well as international trade and economics.

Kim received his PhD from UCLA in 1993, joined the economics department in that same year, and was promoted to associate professor in 2000. He is also a Research Associate in the Development of the American Economy Program of the NBER. He has served as a board member for the Center for New Institutional Social Sciences (CNISS) and as a book review editor for the Regional Science and Urban Economics. His research focus is on economic history, urban and regional economics, trade and development.

    recent courses

    International Economics

    This course provides an analysis of the international economy, the economic theories that help explain it, and analysis of important current issues of international economic policy. The course covers both trade and monetary issues. Prerequisites: Econ 1011 and Econ 1021.

      American Economic History

      Basic theoretical concepts applied to analyze the changing structure and performance of the American economy from colonial times to the present. Prerequisites: Econ 1011 and 1021.

        Selected Publications

        “Expansion of Markets and the Geographic Distribution of Economic Activities: The Trends in U.S. Regional Manufacturing Structure, 1860-1987,” Quarterly Journal of Economics 110 (4): 881-908

        “Economic Integration and Convergence: U.S. Regions, 1840-1990,” Journal of Economic History 1998 58 (3): 659-683 (See NBER Working Paper #6335 for a longer version)

        “Regions, Resources and Economic Geography: The Sources of U.S. Regional Comparative Advantage, 1880-1987,” Regional Science and Urban Economics 1999 29 (1): 1-32

        “Decomposing U.S. Regional Incomes,” Journal of Economic History, 1999 59 (3): 779- 786

        “The Rise of Multiunit Firms in U.S. Manufacturing,” Explorations in Economic History 1999 36 (4): 360-386 (See NBER Working Paper #6425 for an earlier version)


        John M. Olin Foundation Faculty Research Fellowship, 1998-1999

        Faculty Research Grant, Washington University, 1997, 2005 

        Weidenbaum Center Research Grant, Washington University, 2001, 2005