Rong Chen

Rong Chen

Senior Lecturer
PreHealth Advisor
Ph.D. in Chemistry 08/2003
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

B.S. in Polymer Chemistry
University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China 06/1996

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“Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Macrocyclic Polystyrene Containing Two Fluorene Units and Single 9,10-Anthracenylidene Group”, Rong Chen, Jun Ling, Thieo E. Hogen-Esch. Macromolecules 2009, 42, 6015-6022.

“Investigation of Macrocyclic Polymers as Artificial Light Harvesters: Subpicosecond Energy Transfer in Poly(9,9-dimethyl-2-vinylfluorene)”, Jerainne M. Johnson, Rong Chen, Xiyi Chen, Amy C. Moskun, Xi Zhang, Thieo E. Hogen-Esch and Stephen E. Bradforth. J. Phys. Chem. B2008112 (51), pp 16367–16381.

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“Synthesis and Properties of Macrocyclic Vinyl Aromatic Polymers Containing a Single 1,4- Benzylidene or 9,10-Anthracenylidene Group.” Rong Chen, Gennadi G. Nossarev, Thieo E. Hogen-Esch. Macromolecular Symposia 2004, 215 (Proceedings of the 2003 International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization and Related Processes), 67-79.

“Ultraviolet Absorption and Fluorescence Emission Spectroscopic Studies of Macrocyclic and Linear Poly(9,9-dimethyl-2-vinylfluorene). Evidence for Ground State Chromophore Interactions.” Rong Chen, Jerainne M. Johnson, Stephen E. Bradforth and Thieo E. Hogen- Esch. Macromolecules 2003, 36, 9966.

"Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Macrocyclic Poly(9,9-dimethyl-2-vinylfluorene) Containing Single 1,4-Benzylidene or 9,10-Anthracenylidene Linking Units" Rong Chen, Xi Zhang and Thieo E. Hogen-Esch. Macromolecules 2003, 36, 7477.

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