Raven Maragh-Lloyd

Raven Maragh-Lloyd

Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies and Film and Media Studies
(On sabbatical '22-'23)
PhD, University of Iowa
research interests:
  • Critical digital media
  • Black online publics
  • cultural studies
  • algorithms
  • culture

contact info:

mailing address:

  • Washington University in St. Louis
    Campus Box 1109-0137-02
    One Brookings Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130

Raven Maragh-Lloyd's research focuses on Black digital media practices and their connections to power, resistance and longstanding efforts of community building and preservation.

Raven Maragh-Lloyd received her Ph.D. in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Iowa in 2018. Her work primarily highlight the ways that Black and African-American publics tap into long existing media channels of communication toward the goals of communitym joy, and visibility. Her scholarship and teaching centers critical race and gender studies in investigating the social and cultural tools used to challenge media institutions and narratives.
She is working on her first book titled, "Reshaping Black Resistance: Strategic Rearticulations in the Digital Age", which explores the shifting nature of Black resistance strategies online. In the book, Maragh-Lloyd explores resistance strategies online as a whole story to be told rather than ideologically separate struggles. By showing how Black users develop and execute various narratives of resistance, media scholars also get a glimpse into the intentionally opaque social strategies, such as racial humor, that Blck users employ online to respond to the shipfting nature of oppression and power in the digital age. Ultimately, her work examines black resistive practices online as both strategic and multidimensional to uncover the reach and influence of resistance online and the imagines and material possibilities of diverse Black users online.
Selected Publications:
Journal articles and book chapters:
From 'Permit Patty' to 'Karen': Black Online Play as Resistance, American Journal of Play, Special Issue: "Blackness @ Play", Forthcoming.
"#ThanksgivingClapbacks and Articulations of Black Familial Traditions as Resistance." In L.K. Lopez (Ed.), Studying Race and Media. NYU Press. 2020.
"Civic Debate and Self Care: Black Women's Community Care Online." in J. Rosenbaum-Andre & G. Bouvier (Eds.), Twitter, the Publick Sphere and the Chaos of Online Deliberation. Palgrave-MacMillan Press, 2020.
L'Pree Corsbie-Massay, C. & Maragh, R. (2019). "'What are you?': Lessons from multiracial Caribbeans for an increasingly mixed world." In R. Tsagarousianou & J. Retis (Eds.), The Handbook of Diasporas, Media, and Culture. Wiley Blackwell.
"'Our Struggles Are Unequal:' Black Women's Affective Labor Between Television and Twitter." Journal of Communication Inquiry, 40(4), 351-369, 2016.
Maragh-Lloyd, R. & Davis, S. (in press). "Unapologetic Responses to Unapologetic Exclusions: Advancing Communication within Sistah Spaces as a Vehicle of Resistance for Black Women in the Postracial Era." In D. Davis, D. Davis-Maye, T. Jones & J. Andrew (Eds.), Black Sisterhoods: Black Womyn's Representations of Sisterhood Across the Diaspora. Demeter Press.