Mano Yasuda

Mano Yasuda

Lecturer in Japanese Language
Japanese Language Coordinator
PhD, University of Oklahoma
research interests:
  • foreign language curriculum and pedagogy
  • transformative learning
  • teacher development

contact info:

mailing address:

  • Washington University
    MSC 1111-107-115
    One Brookings Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Mano Yasuda teaches Japanese language.

Language teaching and learning have played essential roles in Mano’s professional and personal life.  After obtaining a Master’s degree in Japanese Pedagogy from the University of Iowa, she has taught Japanese as a foreign language at various institutions in the United States. The goal of her instruction is to broaden students’ perspectives of the world by giving them experiences with new materials as well as opportunities to reflect upon themselves.  She has developed her teaching style through professional exchanges across languages and academic disciplines over the course of her life.  She is passionate to continue growing as a language teaching professional by attaining better leadership.

Mano received her Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with emphasis in World Language Education from the University of Oklahoma.  Her academic foci include foreign language curriculum and pedagogy, transformative learning, and teacher development.  She is interested in how foreign language learning impacts students’ academic experiences in higher education and their lives afterwards, as well as how language teachers should serve their learning.

Committed to developing world language education in the U.S., she is dedicated to the future of the global society where diversity is valued and multilingualism is the norm.