Jennifer Romney

​Associate Dean of Advising, College of Arts & Sciences

Raised in St. Louis, Jennifer went away to college in Michigan (where she learned to play a mean hand of Euchre) and worked in Chicago (where she learned very little but loved it anyway) before returning to St. Louis for her PhD in English literature. She didn't mean to write about the Puritans -- she meant to write about other people who write about the Puritans -- but somehow got stuck in the 17th century. While she finds Puritans interesting, she’s pretty sure she doesn’t want to be one.

She adores her cats, at least when they are sleeping (which, fortunately, averages 18 hours a day), and she really loves horses but thinks they wouldn't do well her in Delmar Loop condo. If she ever moves to the countryside, she will have horses, and goats too. For these reasons, she advises pre-veterinary students. A former dancer, with the excellent posture and beat up feet to prove it, Jennifer is devoted the dance department and always requests that prospective dance majors be assigned to her for advising so that she can live vicariously through her students. In addition to vicarious living, she thinks the best part of working with students is that they travel all over the world and bring her back snow globes. She really enjoys how smart WashU students are and that they do amazing things, large and small, day in and day out.

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  • MSC 1117-0112-01
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899