Fiona Marshall

James W. and Jean L. Davis Professor in Arts and Sciences
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
research interests:
  • Old World Prehistory
  • African Archaeology
  • Ethnoarchaeology
  • Zooarchaeology
  • Early Food Production
  • Archaeology of Human Origins

contact info:

office hours:

  • Tuesday 2:00- 3:30 pm

mailing address:

  • CB 1114
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899

​As an Old World prehistorian, Marshall’s research focuses on two issues: early hominid lifeways, and the origins and spread of pastoralism in Africa.

Marshall has explored these topics through survey and excavation, principally in the Loita-Mara area of southwestern Kenya, and through zooarchaeological studies of faunas excavated from archaeological sites.

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