Erica Ellard

Director of Academic Administration and Student Records

Erica Ellard is the director of academic administration and student records for Arts & Sciences. In this role, she works with both the College of Arts & Sciences and the Office of Graduate Studies to support policy, academic administration, and student records. She oversees the Arts & Sciences team working with student information systems and functions related to registration, advising, grades, course information, and access to these functions by faculty and students. She is responsible for the curriculum and student records of all students in Arts and Sciences, ensuring they are recorded accurately and appropriately in university systems and publications. She also ensures that all school leaders, department officials, faculty, advisors, and students have appropriate access to information about policies and procedures relating to course creation and maintenance as well as registration and degree requirements. Erica maintains and develops policies and procedures, promulgating and enforcing them according to faculty governance and collaboration with campus partners. This work provides benefits to students, faculty, and staff throughout Arts & Sciences and extends to other areas of the university as well. Erica grew up in central Illinois, coming to St. Louis to study journalism and sociology at Webster University and continuing her education to complete as master’s in teaching with an emphasis in communications. Erica has worked as a journalist and as an educator throughout her career, including teaching full-time for a couple of years before moving into academic administration and later into student academic support. Throughout her career, technology has also been an important feature in her work, and she has implemented several technology systems to improve student success as well as business practices and efficiencies. In her personal life, Erica enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and dog. Both of her children are active in their schools and in Scouting, which keeps Erica and her husband busy. When she does have free time, Erica enjoys exercising, exploring new things and places, playing games, and anything water-related.

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