Emily Willroth

Emily Willroth

Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Fall 2022
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
M.A. College of William and Mary
B.A. University of Missouri

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Emily Willroth’s research focuses on well-being and health across the lifespan. 

Willroth’s current research examines how different components of well-being (e.g., emotion, life satisfaction, sense of purpose) vary and change across time, both in the short-term from moment-to-moment and in the long-term across the adult lifespan. She applies insights from this research to examine links between well-being and important health outcomes in middle and older adulthood, such as chronic illness, mortality, and dementia risk. 

Selected Publications 

  1. Willroth, E.C., John, O.P., Biesanz, J., & Mauss, I.B. (2020). Understanding short-term variability in life satisfaction: The individual differences in evaluating life satisfaction (IDELS) model. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 119, 229-248.

  2. Willroth, E.C., Atherton, O.E, & Robins, R.W. (2021). Life satisfaction trajectories during the transition from adolescence to young adulthood: Findings from a longitudinal study of Mexican-origin youth. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 120, 192-205.

  3. Willroth, E.C., Graham, E.K, & Mroczek, D.K. (2020). Comparing the predictive utility of trait affect and average daily affect for the prospective prediction of health outcomes. Journal of Research in Personality, 87, 103966.

  4. Willroth, E.C., Ong, A., Graham, E.K, & Mroczek, D.K. (2020). Being happy and becoming happier as independent predictors of physical health and mortality. Psychosomatic Medicine, 82, 633.

  5. Graham, E.K., James, B.D., Jackson, K.L., Willroth, E.C., Boyle, P., Wilson, R., Bennett, D., & Mroczek, D.K. (2020). Associations between personality traits and cognitive resilience in older adults. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 76, 6-19.

  6. Graham, E.K., Willroth, E.C., Piccinin, A., Weston, S.J., Muniz, G., Clouston, S.A.P., Hofer, S.M., Mroczek, D.K. (2021). Coordinated data analysis: An approach to knowledge accumulation in the lifespan developmental psychological sciences. Psychology and Aging. Advance online publication.