Eloísa Palafox

Eloísa Palafox

​Associate Professor of Spanish
PhD, Michigan State University

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Eloísa Palafox's major research interests center on Spanish medieval and Renaissance literature, in particular Celestina, the exemplum, and the role of oral traditions, religious thought, and ethical questions in the creation of written texts, in both prose and poetry.

Her first book, Las éticas del exemplum. Los Castigos del rey don Sancho IV, El conde Lucanor y el Libro de buen amor, suggests a theoretical approach to the study of exemplarity as a key component of medieval thought, which helped structure the discourses of power both religious and secular well beyond the Middle Ages.

Eloísa Palafox is the author of several articles, including “‘¡Tanto nos diessen del paraýso quando allá vamos!’: la retórica de la comida en la Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea,” “El ‘nuevo’ mundo sin Celestina: reflexiones en torno a la ética y estética de los actos añadidos,” “Las voces en el texto: reflexiones en torno a la representación de la palabra hablada en el Libro de los exemplos por a.b.c.,” and “Spanish Exempla Literature from the Thirteenth Through the Fifteenth Centuries” for the Dictionary of Literary Bibliography on Medieval Spanish Literature.

She is a member of the editorial board of Celestinesca, and she is in charge of preparing the yearly updates to the annotated bibliography on Celestina studies. Her current projects include a book-length monograph on Celestina and a series of articles on the Libro del Conde Lucanor and the Libro de los exemplos por a. b. c.