Allan Hazlett

Allan Hazlett

Professor of Philosophy
PhD, Brown University
research interests:
  • Epistemology
  • Metaethics
  • Moral Psychology
  • Aesthetics

contact info:

mailing address:

  • Washington University
    CB 1073
    One Brookings Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Allan Hazlett works on testimony, skepticism, desire, the value of truth, reasons, and other topics in epistemology and metaethics. 

Hazlett studied philosophy at Brown University, earning his doctorate in 2006.  Since then he been a member of the philosophy departments at Texas Tech University, Fordham University, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of New Mexico.  He is the author of three books: A Luxury of the Understanding: On the Value of True Belief (Oxford University Press, 2013), A Critical Introduction to Skepticism (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014), and The Epistemology of Desire and the Problem of Nihilism (Oxford University Press, 2024).  His work has also appeared in Noûs, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, and the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, among other places.