Faculty Residency Policy

Policy originally adopted by Provost Macias and endorsed by Deans Colangelo, Gupta, Lawlor, Quatrano, Shapiro, Syverud and Wihl in May 2012.

Amended February 2013 by Provost Macias with endorsement of the Faculty Senate Council and Deans Colangelo, Gupta, Lawlor, Quatrano, Schaal, Shapiro, and Syverud.

In order to encourage collaboration, interaction, building of intellectual community, and excellence in student instruction and mentoring, faculty members are expected to be physically present on campus and available to students and colleagues throughout the period of their appointment, except for short trips for professional or personal reasons, unless they have been formally granted leaves of absence, or special arrangements have been made in writing and approved with the school dean or person designated by the dean. In the case of faculty on nine-month appointments, this period is from the arrival of students in the fall through Commencement.

The Dean of Arts & Sciences designates the chairs and directors of departments and programs as the primary supervisors of the Arts & Sciences faculty. Chairs and directors should ensure that their faculty are in compliance with the intentions of the policy.  The frequency and length of faculty absences and trips should not impact a faculty member’s ability to comply with Arts & Sciences expectations or exceed the department’s or program’s reasonable limits.  Infrequent, short absences may require little or no interaction with a chair or director. Longer or more frequent absences must involve a dialog between the faculty member and the chair or director to include an understanding about the reasonable limits for absence and the impact the absence will have on teaching, advising, and service duties.