Russian Language and Literature Minor

As a minor in Russian language and literature, you will develop a broad understanding of the world, while exploring the diversity and richness of other cultures. In particular, you will focus on achieving a high level of proficiency in the Russian language and the in-depth study of Russian literature.

sample courses:

Elementary Russian

Interactive multimedia course designed to emphasize spoken language; includes the very latest video materials, geared toward situations in contemporary Russian life. Will also provide thorough understanding of fundamental grammar, and develop reading and writing skills. Five class hours per week, plus one additional hour for conversation, review, and testing.

Anarchism: History, Theory, and Praxis

This course analyzes the origins, historical trajectories, and influence of anarchism from its classical period (1860s - 1930s) until the present. It examines the major personalities, complex ideas, vexing controversies, and diverse movements associated with anarcho-collectivism, anarcho-communism, individualist anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarchist feminism, green anarchism, lifestyle anarchism, and poststructuralist anarchism. In doing so, it explores traditional anarchist concerns with state power, authority, social inequality, capitalism, nationalism, imperialism, and militarism. It also analyzes anarchism's conception of individual and collective liberation, mutual aid, workers' organization, internationalism, direct democracy, education, women's emancipation, sexual freedom, and social ecology.