Psychological & Brain Sciences Major: Cognitive Neuroscience

As a psychological and brain sciences major in the cognitive neuroscience track, you will study the linkage between mental functions and the operation of the brain and nervous system. The goal of cognitive neuroscience is to provide an understanding of psychological processes, such as attention, memory, thinking, and emotion in terms of physical principles and biological components.

sample courses:

Sensation and Perception

What's involved in seeing and hearing? This course will cover perception from the physical stimuli (light and sound) that impinge upon the sensory receptors through the higher-level percepts that the stimuli generate. Demonstrations and illusions will be used as we learn about the anatomy and physiology of the sensory systems, and study the brain mechanisms that are involved in vision and audition.

Cognitive Neuroscience

To understand the mind we need to study the brain; to study the brain we have to understand the mind. This course offers an introduction to how cognitive psychology and neuroscience have met to understand the principles and mechanisms of brain function that give rise to human cognition. The course will present the methods employed by cognitive neuroscience and their application to the study of perception, attention, memory, language, executive control and emotion. The emphasis will be placed on multidisciplinary nature of inquiry within cognitive neuroscience.

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