Philosophy Major: Law and Policy

As a philosophy major, you will consider the central questions of human life. If you plan to pursue a career in law or public policy, it is recommended that you follow the law and policy track, which involves taking specific courses for the major that will provide you with additional preparation and a competitive edge when applying to law school, post-graduate programs in public policy, and related jobs.

sample courses:

Philosophy of Law

Laws sometimes command us to do things that are bad for us, or to refrain from activities we care about. Enforcing laws requires harming others. Playing legally necessary roles, like "judge" or "defense attorney," can involve attacking the innocent and protecting the guilty. How can we draw the line between laws that acceptably interfere with our lives and those that don't? When, why, and how should we enforce the law? To what extent are actions within the law exempt from ordinary moral criticisms? In this class, you will learn to think well about these questions.

Global Justice

This course examines contemporary debates and controversies regarding global justice. Seminar discussions will be arranged around significant issues in the current literature. for example: What (if anything) do we owe to the distantly needy? Do we have special obligations to our compatriots? Do political borders have normative significance? And so on. This course will be of interest not only to political theorists, but also students in other fields interested in social justice or international relations generally.

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