Legal Studies Minor

As a legal studies minor, you will be exposed to an interdisciplinary, humanistic approach to the study of law, rather than a purely vocational training. You will be made aware of the critical role that law plays in human society, and will have the opportunity to study how various cultures and historical periods have used the law and understood its purposes. Ultimately, as a legal studies minor, you will gain a nuanced understanding of the law as practiced, especially in social and economic institutions, while providing you with the skills that will equip you for success in law school, or a number of other disciplines.

sample courses:

Introduction to Environmental Ethics

A general survey of current issues in environmental ethics, focusing on problems such as the obligation to future generations, protection of endangered species, animal rights, problems of energy and pollution, wilderness, global justice, and business obligations. Students will also learn some ethical and political theory.

The Politics of Privacy in the Digital Age

This course explores the changing nature of privacy in contemporary society. UN charters and many national constitutions guarantee citizens a right to privacy, but what does this mean in an age of information-gathering and the increasing ability to track individuals' personal and public behavior? We will draw on theoretical and empirical studies in the law, political science, sociology, and communication studies to specify the important questions and debates faced by governments and citizens.