Earth and Planetary Sciences Major: Geochemistry

As an earth and planetary sciences major in the geochemistry track, your studies concentrate on the geological aspects of Earth and other planets. Within the geochemistry track, you will use methods of chemistry to understand the chemical composition of the Earth and other planets.

sample courses:

Planetary Geochemistry

A survey of the geochemistry of the planets and their satellites using data from Earth-based, Earth-orbital, and spacecraft observations.


Survey of biogeochemical interactions among Earth's crust, oceans, and atmosphere, including perturbations due to human activities. Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur biogeochemical cycles. Greenhouse warming of atmosphere from carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons; effects of inorganic and organic wastes in groundwater systems. Introductory course for students of environmental science and nonscience majors.

our students have gone on to become:

Economic Geologists

Environmental Consultants

Mining Geologists

Petroleum Geologists

Pollution Remediators

Planetary Scientists

Government Scientists (E.P.A., NASA, Fish & Wildlife Serivce, etc)