Biology Major: Neuroscience

As a biology major in the neuroscience track, you will study the vital processes of all organisms and the environments in which they flourish. Within the neuroscience track, you will focus on the structure and function of the nervous system and the brain.

sample courses:

Principles of the Nervous System

The basic anatomical, physiological, and chemical organization of the nervous system; how nerve cells communicate with each other, the ionic basis of nerve signals, the function and properties of chemical agents in the nervous system, the development of neural circuitry, and how neurons interact to produce behavior.

Genes, Brains, and Behavior

Genetic studies of physiological systems underlying animal behavior, including the genetic basis for normal and abnormal behaviors in animals and humans. Topics include: history of behavioral genetics; the ongoing debate about "nature vs. nurture"; contributions of genetic model systems including the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, zebrafish, the mouse Mus musculus, and other animal models; molecular mechanisms underlying the evolution of behavioral phenotypes; the emerging role of epigenetics in regulating nervous-system functions and behavior; the use of genetic and genomic analyses in studies of human behavior and psychiatric disorders.

our students have gone on to become:


Genetic Engineers

Healthcare Administrators


Scientific Editors/Writers