Art History Major

As a major in art history and archaeology, you will study a broad range of visual culture, locating objects in their larger political and social context. You will be encouraged to overlap your studies with other fascinating fields — especially anthropology, archaeology, classics, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and foreign languages — to get a comprehensive education. Students are encouraged to study abroad or participate in our yearly on-site course, which incorporates a field trip into the curriculum

sample courses:

The Invention of the Image: From Classical Art History to Modern Visual Studies

The scholarly field of Image or Visual Studies has developed in response to the widespread proliferation of images, both still and moving, in contemporary life. It distinguishes itself from traditional art history by examining visual representations of all types, not only works of high art, and by concentrating on the role those representations play in the formation of culture. Though most of the scholarship produced in this field focuses on the modern world, it depends upon ideas first developed in Mediterranean antiquity. This course has two primary goals. We will conduct an historical examination of practices and theories of image making from Near Eastern antiquity to modernity.

Globalization and Contemporary Art

What does globalization mean for contemporary art? And what do we even mean when we use the term? This upper-level seminar course considers recent art (1985-present) in the context of theories of development, postcolonialism, and globalization. We will focus on the tensions between the global and the local, as well what it means for an artist to be national or international. We will also consider the impact of neoliberal economic policies on art production and the art market, as well as role museums play in this international context. Finally, we will consider the Internet and social networks as globalizing influences that affect the production and distribution of contemporary art.

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