Workshop: Writing for The Conversation

Please join Christopher Schaberg—Director of Public Scholarship—for a workshop on “Writing for The Conversation.” Pastries and coffee will be served.

The Conversation covers a wide range of academic research across the humanities, arts, and sciences. Because pieces published by The Conversation are widely syndicated, this is an excellent opportunity to practice writing for general audiences, in order to increase the impact of one’s scholarly work.

This workshop is designed to help faculty with the pitching, drafting, and editing processes involved in writing for The Conversation. By the end of this two-hour workshop, participants will have identified a suitable topic from their research and drafted (possibly even submitted) a pitch. Follow-up support will be available after the workshop, for participants who either have a pitch accepted or want to keep refining their pitch for submission. Participants are strongly encouraged to have a specific project idea in mind, and to be open to writing quickly under tight deadlines.

Due to the writing-intensive nature of the workshop, it will be capped at 10 participants. Questions? Please contact us at