Physics Colloquium with Jiwoong Park on More Magic with 2D Crystals

Jiwoong Park (Hosted by Yang) from the University of Chicago will be presenting the colloquium with "More Magic with 2D Crystals"

Two dimensional (2D) electron transport has been one of the most important topics in science and technology for decades. It was originally studied in 3D semiconductors and then continued in 2D van der Waals (vdW) crystals. In this talk, I will start with the large-scale processes for generating 2D crystalline semiconductor films and superlattices that could be used to fabricate atomically thin integrated circuits. Then we will discuss more recent directions. I will discuss how we use these 2D materials to realize non-electronic “magical” 2D transport phenomena observed from phonons, photons, and mass, which could empower the development of 2D phononics, 2D photonics, and 2D mechanics. I will end with discussing how one can realize these properties using molecule-based 2D polymers and crystals. 

"This lecture was made possible by the William C. Ferguson fund".