Next Generation Instruments for Planetary and Earth Exploration

Pablo Sobron, Founder and CEO of Impossible Sensing

In this talk, Pablo Sobron will review his team's latest technology advances in planetary exploration. These technologies bring unprecedented scientific capabilities to astrobiology missions on- and off-Earth by combining innovative optoelectronics and deep data analytics.

Sobron founded Impossible Sensing in 2016 to promote technology transfer activities among NASA, other federal departments/agencies, research institutions, and industry at all technology readiness levels. Sobron develops sensing technologies in robotic Earth and planetary exploration, including for the Curiosity, Perseverance, and Rosalind Franklin rover missions. Find out more about some of his most recent work by visiting and Learn more about Sobron, his work with NASA, and his decision to base his company in St. Louis in this Q&A with St. Louis Magazine.

Host: Alian Wang

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