GRMHD Simulations of Black Hole Accretion Flows

Koushik Chaterjee (Hosted by Nowak), University of Amsterdam

Jets are fascinating objects which often travel over distances hundreds of billions the size of their launching region near the black hole. Using GRMHD simulations, I will show how a jet, collimated by its surroundings, accelerates (and decelerates) for over five orders of magnitude
in distance, while exhibiting flow instabilities, with significant consequences for the jet morphology. Closer to the black hole, the complexity of possible misalignment between the accretion disk and the black hole spin direction also brings about interesting morphological changes in the jet, with exciting implications for the Event Horizon Telescope black hole images of the galaxy M87 as well as for our Galactic center.

Sponsored by the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences.