Foreign Languages Association of Missouri (FLAM) 2022 Conference

Foreign Languages Association of Missouri (FLAM) 2022 Conference: Embracing our Diversity through Languages, Oct. 7th & 8th at the Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

​Our Keynote Speaker is Akash Patel, ACTFL President-Elect, and Founder of the Happy World Foundation that brings native speakers of different countries to language classrooms in the United States. He is also a 2018 Global Teacher Finalist and a National Council Member at the United Nations Association of the USA.

The conference presentation schedule includes our own RLL faculty sharing their best practices at these sessions:

 Session 2 - 10-10:50am (50-min Workshops)

Student-Centered Digital Learning, Teaching, and Gaming

Presenters: Mark Dowell, Iva Youkilis, Washington University in St. Louis

Session 4 -1:30-2:20

Tools to Promote Inclusion and Diversity in a Language Classroom

Presenter: Vincent Jouane, Washington University in St. Louis

Session 5 -2:30-3:20

Coffee as the Locus of Cultural, Economic and Linguistic Exchange in Francophone and Portuguese-Speaking Countries

Presenters: Elizabeth Allen, Mark Dowell, Washington University in St. Louis

-     WashU Conference Sponsors: The Center for Teaching and Learning, the Center for Humanities, Global Studies, the Departments of RLL, EALC, JIMES, Classics, and German have generously agreed to contribute to the conference.

For more information and to register, please visit the FLAM website