Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer Presents: Seen & #Cited

Join WashU's Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program and the Department of African and African-American Studies for an upcoming talk by Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer about 'seeing and citing black women's unsung brilliance and flame-keeping while doing intellectual battles and breaking institutional barriers to build publicly engaged archives and art exhibitions.'

An overlying theme in Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer’s scholarship is Representing the Unseen. Critically examining 20+ years of ethnographic research on the frontlines of social movements and Black entertainment, her work reveals vicissitudes and victories untold, unseen and unknown. Representing the Unseen illuminates the vibrant artistic and political lives of youth in their digital worlds, weaving a tapestry from the stories of underground emcees, grassroots organizers, cosplay vloggers, gaming gurus and other digital media designers to demonstrate a unified history of sustained online revolution. 

Dr. Fischer also applies Representing the Unseen as a framework to identify, amplify, recognize and reward the intellectual and social justice contributions of historically excluded public educators to critical pedagogy and public engagement. As an ethnographer, Dr. Fischer has been evaluating racial equity and strategic planning in K-12 as well as postsecondary education since 1999.  

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