Department of Music Online Lecture:

Department of Music Online Lecture: "Live coding with functional programming: Tidal Cycles"

Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD). Musician, Digital Artist, Creative Technologist and Programmer.

Tidal Cycles contains language to describe flexible sequences, for example: polyphonic, polyrhythmic, generative; it also has an extensive library of pattern functions, to transform and combine them.  In this talk we will give an introduction to live coding and Tidal cycles with some of their expressive possibilities for performance.

About Malitzin Cortés:
Her work is developed between live coding, live cinema, installation, Virtual Reality,creative coding, sound design, experimental music and sound art. 

She is a teacher and researcher at CENTRO University. design, cinema and television and at the UNAM Faculty of Arts, in the field of creative code, STEAM and new sound and immersive technologies.

She has performed live events and exhibitions at the Multimedia Center, Alameda Art Laboratory, Ex-Teresa Actual Art, Digital Cultural Center, Medialab Prado, Spain Cultural Center, CMMAS, Vorspiel, Spektrum Berlin, Transpiksel, Aural, Transmediale Berlin, ISEA, CYLAND MediaArtLab San Petesburgo, ADAF, Ars Electronica, Currents, MUTEK México, Montreal, Japan and San Francisco.

CNDSD's sound proposal is conceived in an experimental environment and cross-border musical exercises: granular landscapes, algorithmic vocal experiments, hypnotic noise improvisations, live coding and asymmetric patterns.

As an artist, she investigates the ways in which art, architecture, technology, and science have the capacity to be great disseminators of findings and devices for self-reflection and generation of unpublished models of social interactions capable of providing new ways of relating from the utopia, speculation, physical space, reality, the constant state of crisis, and also hope.