Celebrate World Quantum Day!

World Quantum Day is April 14! Learn about WashU’s new Center for Quantum Leaps, an Arts & Sciences initiative that aims to harness the power of quantum mechanics and transdisciplinary research to decipher some of the universe’s greatest puzzles.

When WashU physicists join forces with biologists, engineers, chemists, material scientists, and doctors, quantum leaps are truly within reach. At the Center for Quantum Leaps, a signature initiative of the Arts & Sciences strategic plan, experts in the fields of quantum sensing, quantum computing, and quantum microscopy reach across disciplines and departments to help researchers ask new questions and make new discoveries.

The center aims to be a nexus of quantum insight from researchers at the School of Medicine, McKelvey School of Engineering, and Arts & Sciences.

“Quantum technologies and quantum leaps are real and will drive innovation in the future,” said Kater Murch, professor of physics and co-director of the center.