Alternative Work Schedules


The regular hours of work for Hilltop schools and departments are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. A daily one-hour, non-paid lunch break is also provided. The nature of the work in some departments necessitates arranging special time schedules for some employees.

Requests for Alternative Work Schedules

Due to the nature of the work, managers or supervisors may request that an employee work an alternative schedule. If this becomes necessary, managers and supervisors should give adequate notice to the employee so he/she can make adjustments to his/her schedule.

An employee may also request an alternative work schedule. Managers and supervisors should consider whether the employee’s work could be performed at other times rather than the normal hours of work. Other considerations include the impact of the schedule on other members of the work group as well as the morale of the group.

Approval of Alternative Work Schedules

Individual managers and supervisors may approve alternative work schedules. The Office of Human Resources strongly encourages managers and supervisors to periodically review the work schedule with the employee to ensure that the schedule continues to have benefits for the supervisor, work group and the employee.