Faculty Appointments at Other Educational Institutions Policy

In order to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest or commitment and to ensure full attention to University duties, full-time and part-time Washington University faculty members may not hold appointments at other educational institutions without the University’s prior approval.

Arts & Sciences statement on implementation:

Arts & Sciences recognizes that honorary and courtesy titles at other institutions may represent the important, collaborative efforts which transcend universities and campuses. Likewise, it is understood that part-time faculty may rely upon appointments at more than one institution in order to supplement their income.

The Dean of Arts & Sciences designates the chairs and directors of departments and programs as the primary supervisors of the Arts & Sciences faculty. (For faculty with a primary appointment in University College or Summer School, the Dean of University College is the designated primary supervisor.) Chairs and directors should ensure that their faculty are in compliance with the intentions of the policy and that an appointment at another educational institution does not create a potential conflict of interest. Prior to making commitments at another institution, the faculty member and the chair or director must discuss the impact another appointment will have on teaching, advising, and service duties in Arts & Sciences. Tenured and tenure-track faculty require the approval of both their chair or director and the dean; all other faculty require the approval of their chair or director.

Arts & Sciences faculty may have existing commitments to other institutions, prior to the implementation. Faculty should work with their chair or director to confirm that existing commitments are suitable for approval and continuation. New faculty must understand the implications of this policy before they are employed in Arts & Sciences.

September 2013