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From Campus: the total solar eclipse observed from Mudd Field on August 21, 2017

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From Biology: Scientists study biodiversity at the Tyson Research Center (Photo Credit: Jonathan Myers, The Myers Lab) 

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From Campus: students in the historic Ridgley arcade


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Rita Parai stands in front of the new mass spectrometer

Faculty Spotlight: Rita Parai

Rita Parai, an assistant professor in Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, talks about her work with noble gases and what WashU's new noble gas isotope ratio mass spectrometer will allow her to do.

Reuben Siegman

Student Spotlight: Reuben Siegman

Political science & religious studies major Reuben Siegman, LA'18, discusses his study abroad trip to Nepal and India where he studied religious education in Tibetan schools.

Joe Madison

Alumni Spotlight: Joe Madison

Joe Madison, AB '71, is a groundbreaking radio personality and civil rights activist. Known as “The Black Eagle,” Joe can be heard weekday mornings on SiriusXM’s Urban View. In 2015, Joe set a Guinness World Record for the longest on-air broadcast, 52 hours, which raised more than $200,000 for the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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Fruit bat

Saving bats from deadly fungus

Joshua Blodgett is working with InCEES and Tyson Research Center to save bats from “white-nose syndrome,” which is wiping out colonies across North America.


For the Arts & Sciences Community

The university is currently evaluating new learning management systems to replace Blackboard. A new LMS would help to consolidate many of the numerous platforms currently used to post course materials, submit and grade assignments, communicate course updates and measure student learning. Demonstrations of two finalists under consideration, Canvas and Schoology, are scheduled to take place on campus over the next week.

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The Parking & Transportation team has rolled out a new long term parking strategy. The purpose of the new plan will help WashU better allocate current and future parking resources across campus, address key weaknesses in the current plan, and enhance alternative transportation during construction on the east end of the Danforth Campus.

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Membership is open for the Campus Diversity Collaborative, a staff and faculty group that encourages campus conversation around issues of diversity and inclusion. Complete the online form to receive news and updates from the group.

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