Resources for Teaching-Track Faculty

Exceptional and inspiring instructors have always been a hallmark of a Washington University education and Arts & Sciences proudly recognizes the important roles that full‐time, non‐tenure‐track faculty play in the instruction and training of our students. In many departments, teaching-track faculty are essential to the teaching mission and fundamental to the academic life of their units. They provide essential pedagogy that shapes the subsequent scholarship of students in Arts & Sciences.

Teaching-track faculty account for about 20% of all faculty appointments in Arts & Sciences.

The following page of resources and policies has been assembled in an attempt to better serve the needs of teaching‐track faculty and their departments. 

Full-Time Teaching-Track Faculty Policy

Read the Arts & Sciences Policy on Full-Time Teaching-Track Faculty. The terms of this document reflect the terms of the Danforth Campus Policy on Full‐Time Teaching Track Faculty.


Important Links and Resources