Syllabus Reporting

Thank you for participating in Arts & Sciences' pilot effort to collect course syllabi. The ability to view syllabi from past semesters is a tremendous resource for students as they select courses. The syllabi will also serve as a valuable institutional record of teaching in Arts & Sciences.

You have two paths for uploading syllabi: you can self-upload or you can utilize your department's WUCRSL (course listings) staff person.

To self-upload syllabi for the current semester, use the instructions below. Please upload all syllabi before the first time your class meets. You have the option to only allow access to those with a WUSTL Key.

Getting started

It is recommended that your syllabus be saved as a PDF file. In Word, you can do a Save As and select PDF (*.pdf).


How to upload your syllabus to Syllabi Central

  1. Go to the Syllabi Central website and log in with your WUSTL Key.

  2. The instructor view (seen below) will show the sections in which you are faculty, a teaching assistant, or course support. You will see the most recent courses on top. Independent studies, internships, and courses over the 500 level are not included.

  3. To filter the list by semester, click on the drop-down list of semesters. You can select a specific semester or "All."

  4. To add or edit a syllabus, click on the "Manage" link, found in the column to the right of the course title. 


  5. To upload a file from your computer, click "Choose File," and navigate to that file's location on your PC. Then, click the "Make this my Syllabus" button to the right. 

  6. If you have the syllabus at a particular URL, put the URL in the field under "Get a file from URL" and click the "Make this my Syllabus" button. 

  7. You may select to have a WUSTL Key logon required to access your syllabus. Select "Yes" or "No" in the top right to indicate your preference. 


If you need assistance

First, ask for help from the staff person who updates course listings (WUCRSL) for your department. That person has the ability to upload the syllabus for you. They will need to know your preference regarding whether or not access to the Syllabus should be restricted to those with a WUSTL key. If that person needs further assistance, she or he can request help with Syllabus reporting