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Practical Applications

Earn academic credit for short-term projects during summer 2020.

About the Program


Like an internship, the Practical Applications program awards credit for experiential learning. But while an internship offers credit for a single, long-term experience with an organization, the Practical Application program is designed to be more flexible and innovative. With the Practical Applications in Arts & Sciences program, you can earn 1-3 credits and develop practical skills through a self-designed entrepreneurial project or a combination of formal micro-internships related to a common theme.

To start exploring options for entrepreneurial work, contact an advisor with the Skandalaris Center listed below. To learn how to search for formal short-term work experiences (or "micro-internships"), contact any of the other advisors listed below.

Learning to develop an entrepreneurial project or finding work experience is itself an essential part of your career development, a skill that will help you develop creativity, purpose, and resilience in your professional life.

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How to Develop or Find a Project

Make an Appointment with a Project Advisor

Reach out to one of our project advisors, Carol Moakley, Matt DeVoll, Amy Heath-Carpentier, Jessica Weldon, or Mike Seper (for entrepreneurial projects), to discuss or develop your idea. See their contact information below to reach out.

Or Use the Career Center

Search for projects under “Build Skills Through Projects, Self-Directed Learning & Volunteerism” on the Career Center's website.

What You Can Do in Fall 2020

Project Advisors

Make an appointment with one of the following Project Advisors to talk more about any potential project.

How to Apply for Credit

When you have your project(s) ready to go, submit a Practical Applications pitch using the link to the form below.

Submit a Practical Application Pitch
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To Earn Credit

Once approved, you will receive a Project Advisor with whom you will work.

Credit is awarded in the fall semester under the course name "Practical Apps in Arts & Sciences" (L43 General Studies 2PA), and any charge for credit is covered by the regular tuition for your fall semester.

To receive credit, you must complete the following:

  • A "Practical App Pitch" before the beginning of your project
  • The minimum number of hours required (45 hours per credit over six weeks for 1-2 credits, or eight weeks for 3 credits, with a maximum of 3 credits awarded)
  • Self-reflection assignments
  • A resume
  • A professional social-media profile (i.e., through LinkedIn)
  • Any additional assignments as determined by your Practical App Advisor