Jeffrey Zacks

Associate Chair and Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Professor of Radiology
PhD, Stanford University
MA, Stanford University
BA, Yale University

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  • CB 1125
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899

​Professor Zacks studies perception and cognition using behavioral experiments, functional MRI, computational modeling, and testing of neurological patients. 

One line of research examines how people parse the continuous stream of behavior into meaningful events, and how this affects memory and cognition. Another line examines how mental imagery contributes to reasoning about spatial relations, especially how mental representations of one’s body are updated during imagery and reasoning.

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Hold That Thought Podcast
Event Cognition

Event Cognition

Coauthored with Gabriel A. Radvansky

Much of our behavior is guided by our understanding of events. We perceive events when we observe the world unfolding around us, participate in events when we act on the world, simulate events that we hear or read about, and use our knowledge of events to solve problems. In this book, Gabriel A. Radvansky and Jeffrey M. Zacks provide the first integrated framework for event cognition and attempt to synthesize the available psychological and neuroscience data surrounding it. This synthesis leads to new proposals about several traditional areas in psychology and neuroscience including perception, attention, language understanding, memory, and problem solving.

Radvansky and Zacks have written this book with a diverse readership in mind. It is intended for a range of researchers working within cognitive science including psychology, neuroscience, computer science, philosophy, anthropology, and education. Readers curious about events more generally such as those working in literature, film theory, and history will also find it of interest.