Pamela Barmash

​Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hebrew
PhD, Harvard University
research interests:
  • History of Law
  • Religion of the Ancient Near East
  • History of Scriptural Interpretation

contact info:

  • Phone: 314-935-7156
  • Fax: 314-935-4399
  • Office: ​Busch Hall 223

mailing address:

  • CB 1121
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899

Pamela Barmash's research interests include biblical law and the relationship between law and literature.

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Exodus in the Jewish Experience: Echoes and Reverberations

Exodus in the Jewish Experience: Echoes and Reverberations

This volume investigates how the Exodus has been, and continues to be, a crucial source of identity for both Jews and Judaism. It explores how the Exodus has functioned as the primary model from which Jews have created theological meaning and historical self-understanding. It probes how and why the Exodus has continued to be vital to Jews throughout the unfolding of the Jewish experience. As an interdisciplinary work, it incorporates contributions from a range of Jewish Studies scholars in order to explore the Exodus from a variety of vantage points. It addresses such topics as: the Jewish reception of the biblical text of Exodus; the progressive unfolding of the Exodus in the Jewish interpretive tradition; the religious expression of the Exodus as ritual in Judaism; and the Exodus as an ongoing lens of self-understanding for both the State of Israel and contemporary Judaism. The essays are guided by a common goal: to render comprehensible how the re-envisioning of Exodus throughout the unfolding of the Jewish experience has enabled it to function for thousands of years as the central motif for the Jewish people.