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What's new in ArtSci?

There’s something about back-to-school season that means change, and Arts & Sciences is no exception to this rule. The ArtSci community is excited to offer a wide variety of new minors, majors, and graduate programs. Each of these new additions presents a unique, exciting course of study, each inviting WashU students to delve into their specific academic interests.

The first of the new minors that have been introduced is DASH—Data Science in the Humanities, a program that will be offered through the Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities and combines traditional humanities inquiry with digital methods and analysis. Next, the Global Film and Media Studies minor from Film and Media Studies offers students the chance to learn about film and media as global phenomena beyond the confines of the U.S. And in Performing Arts, a new Dance minor will replace the formerly separate minors in Modern Dance and Ballet in order to provide a more flexible study of dance.

In regard to majors, the Biology department has included a new track for their majors: Microbiology. We are also still proud to offer the Sociology major and minor, a much-anticipated development that first went into effect fall of 2016.

Finally, in the Graduate School, we thought it helpful to highlight a few of the new programs and certificates have debuted in the last couple years. The Performing Arts department has added a Master of Fine Arts program in Dance, and the Physics department has added a terminal Master’s degree. As for certificate programs, there are two new programs available: the Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Data Analysis in Psychological & Brain Sciences and the Graduate Certificate in Data Science for the Humanities in the Interdisciplinary Project for the Humanities.

The ArtSci community welcomes these changes, and this expansion reflects the wide range of academic interests pursued by WashU students. These new minors, majors and programs are sure to produce exciting work, and exciting changes, in the coming year.