East Asian Studies

East Asian studies entails the comprehensive study of the cultures and societies of East Asia in an interdisciplinary program that encompasses language, literature, history, anthropology, art history, film, philosophy, and religious studies. The East Asian Studies program at WashU offers an impressive range of courses in modern Chinese and Japanese languages through the advanced level as well as classical language study and a growing program of Korean language study. Dedicated teacher-scholars are committed to mentoring undergraduates with an interest in East Asia.

The program offers a major and a minor in East Asian studies for undergraduates, and a master’s program in East Asian studies for graduate students. For law or business graduate students, the program also offers a joint-professional degrees J.D./M.A. and M.B.A./M.A. which are tailored to persons holding or seeking careers in secondary education, law, business, government, and private agencies whose work touches upon East Asia affairs.

The program promotes the understanding of Asia through a range of events, notably its three memorial lectures honoring past faculty members -- Nelson Wu, Bill Jones, and Stanley Spector. The program aspires to bring together Asia specialists and interested parties from across campus and throughout greater St. Louis and the Midwest into a community of scholars with shared interests in East Asian languages, cultures, histories, and societies.