Marissa Kaltwasser

Registrar, College of Arts & Sciences
Image of Marissa Kaltwasser

As registrar for the College of Arts & Sciences, Marissa is responsible to ensure the confidentiality, accuracy, and integrity of our student records. She is a resource to all students, parents, and faculty regarding the College’s academic policies. Marissa works with the deans in the College to consistently and fairly administer these policies. In addition, she works closely with the A&S curriculum committee by serving as an ex officio member as it reviews and recommends new courses, programs, and policies for approval by the A&S faculty. She believes in a strong student-centered and customer service atmosphere and is committed to leadership and service in these areas.

Marissa coordinates graduation certification for the College, assists with the special major/minor program, and often liaises with the university registrar’s office and Washington University Information Technology on ways to improve the student experience in the College of Arts & Sciences. When asked about her favorite aspect of the job, she replies without hesitation, graduation. Although every journey is different, watching students be recognized for their hard work and success is the highlight of her WashU experience.

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  • CB 1117
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899