Liz Gilmore

Assistant Dean and Academic Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences​

As an Assistant Dean in the College Office for Arts & Sciences, Liz Gilmore oversees the Progress Counseling program (student support program for students on academic probation) and serves as a four-year, Academic Advisor. Prior to her current appointment as an Assistant Dean, Dean Gilmore served as an Academic Programs Coordinator for the Learning Center at Washington University in St. Louis in which she provided metacognition skill development for students, oversaw the matched academic mentoring program, and was a liaison with the TRIO program and Disability Resources Office to help facilitate programming to serve student populations of first generation, low-income and/or those with disabilities. 

As an Assistant Dean, she also helps support the Academic Actions Committee, serves as a member of the Arts & Sciences Academic College Office Assessment Committee, and co-chairs a weekly meeting for the College on at-risk students and those in crisis. She works with students and faculty on issues affecting students’ academic performance and her work includes retention efforts, especially through the College’s targeted student support programs, and assessment of those programs and services.

Dean Gilmore has over a decade of experience in higher education administration, split between academic affairs and student services, and has experience in financial aid, community outreach, college access programming, curriculum design, student engagement modeling, English Language Acquisition (ELA) programming, high school equivalency programming, academic advising, teaching, budgets, grant writing, program development, project management, and leadership. 

On a personal note, Liz is from a small, rural town in the Midwest which has about 45 miles of cornfields on all sides. She is proud to be a first generation, college graduate. Her graduate studies and thesis examines the barriers rural, first generation, low-income students face while trying to access college as well as learning strategies, specifically constructivism. She also serves as a Program Advisor to the College Diabetes Network WashU Chapter and teaches two courses through University College on college success skills.  

Special commitments for 2020 include:  
-Chancellor’s Appointment-Council for Disability and Accessibility 
-Member of the STEM Libraries Initiative Steering Committee (Provost’s Office) 
-Co-chair of the Rural Student College Access & Success Committee 
-Co-chair of the Arts & Sciences Academic Fall Virtual Engagement Committee 
-Co-leader of an Arts & Sciences Academic Advising Community of Practice 
-Member of the MS.E.d. in Educational Studies Program Advisory Committee for Western Illinois University 

contact info:

office hours:

  • Dean of the Day
  • Wednesday 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

mailing address:

  • MSC 1117-0112-01
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899