Liz Gilmore

Assistant Dean and Academic Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences​

Liz is from a small, rural town in the Midwest, which has about 45 miles of cornfields on all sides. She is proud to be a first generation, college graduate. She began her academic career at Spoon River College, a rural community college, while working full-time. After two years she transferred to Bradley University where she made the daily, 30-mile commute to and from the university for two years. Her family had limited financial resources so she continued to work-full time (three part-time jobs), while commuting (60 miles per day), all while pursuing college full-time.

Liz is very interested in social capital flow and the structures in which people acquire social capital; and what populations benefit the most from existing structures. Her graduate thesis examines the barriers rural, first generation, low-income students face while trying to access college and the negative effects successful college access, for this population, can have on geographically isolated rural economies.

In addition to her roles as an assistant dean and academic coordinator, Liz teaches a transition course for students in the First-Year Summer Academic Program; and occasionally she teaches a course offered through University College on metacognition skill development.

Liz is constantly impressed by the students in ArtsSci and their ability to work across disciplines. She spends almost all of her spare time enjoying the company of her partner, their son, and her cat.

Liz also writes articles for Nick Jonas’s company, Beyond Type 1.

contact info:

office hours:

  • Dean of the Day
  • Wednesday 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

mailing address:

  • CB 1117
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899