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Arts & Sciences has over 1,000 faculty and staff who utilize their diverse expertise in the pursuit of research breakthroughs, gaining a deeper understanding of the world's most pressing issues and serving as mentors of the next generation.

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9 Elected Members of the National Academy of Sciences
Guggenheim Fellows in past 7 years
6 Nobel Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economics

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Kevin Moeller, professor of chemistry in Arts & Sciences, recently received a nearly $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The award will support Moeller’s work with the collaborative Center for Synthetic Organic Electrochemistry.

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Three Questions with Adia Harvey Wingfield

<p>Adia Harvey Wingfield, professor of sociology, studies the intersection of race, work and sociology. In addition to writing regularly about such matters for The Atlantic, she also has written numerous scholarly articles and books, including No More Invisible Man: Race and Gender in Men&rsquo;s Work.</p>

‘The distribution of ideas’

Acclaimed novelist Martin Riker discusses the new publishing concentration in the Department of English, the state of the publishing industry, and the importance of theorizing the means of distribution.

Disenchanting the Caliphate cover

Faith and governance: Exploring the secular-religious divide in Islamicate histories

In his most recent book, Hayrettin Yücesoy confronts a dominant historical narrative that depicts the political thought and practice of Muslims in a rigid religious framework. Examining the concepts of secularity and good governance in premodern times, he extends their boundaries beyond the confines of Europe.