Janet Duchek

Janet Duchek

​Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and of Occupational Therapy
PHD, University of South Carolina
MA, University of South Carolina
BA, University of Missouri

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  • Washington University
    CB 1125
    One Brookings Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Professor Duchek examines cognitive mechanisms that underlie the attention and memory deficits seen in healthy aging and early stage dementia of the Alzheimer type. 

Duechek is investigating attentional profiles that may be predictive of the early onset and progression of Alzheimer's Disease and dimensions of personality that may correlate with attentional performance and early onset Alzheimer's Disease. In addition, she has applied research interests in the area of driving in older adults.

Selected Publications

Duchek, J.M., Balota, D.A., Tse, C.-S., Holtzman, D.M., Fagan, A.M., Goate, A.  (2009). The utility of intraindividual variability as an early marker for Alzheimer’s disease, Neuropsychology, 23, 746-758PMCID 2779520

Balota, D.A., Tse, C.-S., Hutchison, K.A., Spieler, D.H., Duchek, J.M. & Morris, J.C. (2010).  Predicting conversion to dementia of the Alzheimer type in a healthy control sample: The power of errors in Stroop color naming. Psychology & Aging, 25, 208-218. PMCID: PMC2886285

Hutchison, K.A., Balota, D.A., & Duchek, J.M.  (2010). The utility of Stroop task switching as a marker for early stage Alzheimer’s Disease.  Psychology & Aging, 25, 545-559. PMCID: PMC2946107

Maddox GB, Balota DA, Coane JH, Duchek JM. (2011). The role of forgetting rate in producing a benefit of expanded over equal spaced retrieval in young and older adults. Psychology & Aging, 26, 661-670. PMCID: PMC3168729

Jackson, J.D., Balota, D.A., Duchek, J.M., & Head, D. (2012). White matter integrity and reaction time intraindividual variability in healthy aging and early-stage Alzheimer disease.  Neuropsychologia, 50(3), 357-366. PMCID: PMC3302689