Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy

Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy

Assistant Professor of Education
Affiliate Faculty, Sociology and the Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Studies
PhD, Vanderbilt University

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  • Department of Education
    MSC 1183-228-107
    Washington University
    1 Brookings Drive
    St. Louis MO 63130-4899

As a sociologist of education, Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy considers how changes in school and social contexts are associated with racial differences in educational access, experiences, and outcomes in the United States.

Ebony M. Duncan-Shippy (Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education (affiliate faculty in Sociology and the Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Studies). Her scholarship examines connections among community contexts, social inequality, and educational change. She considers the impacts of race & racism on education reform policy, school-community relations, and the schooling experiences of marginalized youth in the United States. Her current work highlights the social significance of school closures in predominately African American communities and the implications of charter schools and school choice for racial disparities in education. Her latest edited book, Shuttered Schools: Race, Community, and School Closures in American Cities (Information Age Publishing, 2019), analyzes the disproportionate impact of public K-12 school closures on African American students in cities across the United States.

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