Urban Studies Major

As an urban studies major, you will examine the forces that shape cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas. The major is ideal for students drawn to serious examination of the profound issues confronting urban/metropolitan America. Urban studies seeks to prepare students for the challenge of solving these issues.

sample courses:

Freedom, Citizenship, and the Making of American Culture

This course is designed to introduce students to some of the major themes in American history. We will explore the emergence and expansion of the nation, changing meanings of freedom, of citizenship, of American identity, as well as major changes in the nation's economic structures, politics, social order and culture. Much of the reading and writing assignments will come from primary sources.

The Study of Cities and Metropolitan America

This introductory course analyzes the forces shaping America's cities and surrounding metropolitan areas. It examines strategies for dealing with many of the profound social issues affecting urban/metropolitan America. Emanating from an historical perspective, it examines the ways in which industrialization and deindustrialization shaped Northern American cities. It further surveys the demographic and spatial transformation of American cities, examining the origin and societal changes and emerging goals of urban development, gentrification, and evolving patterns of metropolitanism and the necessity for central city as well as neighborhood reconstruction. Various theoretical perspectives and philosophies are introduced that have dominated the discourse on race and urban poverty.

our students have gone on to become:


Urban Planners

Public Policy Makers

Public Health Advocates


Urban Designers


Government Officials